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Only With A-Pro

  • Exclusive Certified Pre-Owned Home Program 

  • “If we pass it, We protect it guarantee on all inspections

  • No third party evaluations necessary....guaranteed!

13 Reasons

our exclusive

Certified Pre-Owned Home

Pre-listing inspection

program works.


First, you or your real estate sales professional contacts A-Pro to arrange a pre-listing inspection. Then, we take you through the fast, easy process:


An A-Pro representative will discuss a key benefit of the plan. The guarantee is fully transferable to the buyer. Naturally, since the transferability acts as a great reassurance against buyer remorse, these guarantees considerably boost home marketability.


120-Day Guarantee: Following the 500-point home inspection, A-Pro issues a FREE 120-day guarantee covering mechanical, roof and structural elements.


A-Pro completes the inspection and leaves behind at the home an A-Pro report reference book with all pertinent data. This is displayed for prospective buyers to review during open houses and showings.


Within 2 business days after the inspection, A-Pro e-mails a draft Summary Report to the seller and the real estate professional.


The seller and the agent approve then the draft via email or phone. Naturally, any comments and questions will be welcomed and promptly responded to by A-Pro.


Upon your approval, A-Pro will print and deliver up to 50 copies of the Summary Report for the seller to distribute to prospective buyers at your discretion.


If the seller chooses to make improvements to the home, any receipts for work completed can be attached to the Summary Report. Or, the seller may ask us to hold off on printing the 50 copies. We will revisit the home after the work is completed, then revise the A-Pro reference book and Summary Report accordingly.  The fee for this (typically about $150) will be based on the travel time, time spent on site, and time spent revising the Report and Summary Report. At that point, the 50 copies will be delivered to the seller’s designated location the next business day.


Prospective buyers will be able to pick up a copy of the Summary Report at open houses or showings.


At no cost to the seller, A-Pro can also post the Summary Report on a private web page, so that prospective buyers may view it.


The trademarked use of the “Certified Pre Owned Home™” (, Summary Report and free yard sign can be referenced in listings, on feature sheets, on web sites, in advertisements, on lawn signs, etc. The web page address for the Summary Report can be included in any of these.


When the home is sold, the A-Pro reference book and summary report can be transferred to the buyer.


The buyer may engage A-Pro to perform a walk-through inspection, and discuss the findings with the buyer. (Fee of approximately $150 is typical) This creates the contractual relationship between A-Pro and the buyer.

CPO Sells Homes Faster

Realtors Value A-PRO

Pre-Sales Home Inspections


“Liz Moore, a broker in Newport News, Va., says her firm pays for a pre-listing inspection for all her sellers. ‘It’s fair to say that is the reason our listings sell 30% faster than the market average,’ she says. And early anecdotal evidence suggests that inspected houses ‘consistently sell for a few thousand dollars more.’ USA Today”

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